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Upcoming Classes

Meal Prepping Kitchen Class with Akshaya Varanasi from Trailhead Naturals!

May 3rd at @5:30 PM. 

Join us for this exciting class on Meal Prepping with Akshaya Varanis from Trailhead Naturals. You will take home Akshaya's amazing recipes and meals for the week!

Trailhead Naturals is a local company owned by Akshaya that offers healthy and natural hand-prepared snacks. Akshaya creates small-batch plant-based, refined sugar-free, raw and gluten-free snacks and drink mixes for the health-conscious seeker. Her popular products regularly sell out at the Farmers Markets around town.

For more information, check them out on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/TrailheadNaturals/

Cost: $40/person. RSVP HERE. 


Health Benefits of Bone Broth Demo Class

May 9th at 5:30 PM 

We will discuss the health benefits of Bone Broth, methods of preparation and we will cook a delicious recipe for a light dinner!

Cost: $15/person. RSVP HERE. 

Comfort Foods to Reduce Inflammation Lunch Demo Class

May 18th at 1:00 PM

Join Swathi as we discuss ways to use foods to reduce inflammation in your body and will prepare a delicious and comforting recipe for a lunch! 

Cost: $15/person. RSVP HERE. 

Kiddos Can Cook - Healthy Chocolate

May 19th at 10:00 AM 

Kids can cook! Our kids series welcomes children into the kitchen where they can learn to cook healthy, nourishing foods. For this class we will explore the health benefits of something everyone loves- CHOCOLATE! 

Cost: $15/person. RSVP HERE.