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HCG Program

HCG Program

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Are you doing everything right, but still not at your ideal weight?

Be Well Family Care is offering an 8 week HCG Detox & Weight Loss Program.

Our 8 Week HCG Program Includes:

  • Pre-Program Chart Review & Evaluation
  • Core Restore 7 Day Detox Kit
  • Dr. Simeons’ Pounds & Inches HCG Book
  • HCG Instruction and RX including medication ($120 Value from Custom Med)
  • HCG Safe Lotion from Custom Med
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Check in with a nurse or provider for measurements, vitals and questions.
  • Group Classes to motivate and support you throughout
  • Before & After Photos

Complete Program: $600*

HCG, or Human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone produced by the body during pregnancy.  Used in combination with a low calorie, no fat diet, HCG can mobilize fat stores and detox the body.

HCG can be safe and effective for both detox and weight loss, but should be done under the close supervision of a medical provider and is not appropriate for everyone.

If you are interested in our HCG Program, please ask your provider if it would be a appropriate for you - your provider & Swathi must clear you to participate in the HCG Program. 

*SW Patients get $100 off. If you have done HCG with Swathi before, you may also get an additional $100 off. Choose the Type above in the drop down menu that best fits your situation. 

Introduction to HCG Program

June 6th @ 5:30*
@ Be Well Family Care

We will be doing before and after photos, so please come to this first session wearing tight fitting clothes. You will want to wear the same outfit to our final class as well. This is a great way to see your progress!

Class Dates:

June 6th @ 5:30*
June 13th @ 5:30*
June 20th @ 5:30
July 11th @ 5:30
July 25th @ 5:30*
August 1st @ 5:30

*Classes marked with an * are mandatory. While the other classes are not mandatory they are highly encouraged for a successful detox. If you are going to miss more than one or two classes, please consider doing the HCG program at a later date. We do not recommend doing HCG if you have any vacations or other conflicts scheduled during this window.